OUR FLEET OF TRUCKS are equipped full kitchens, ready supply your crews with food  on stage or on location. Our trucks are well maintained  and kept clean.  




Marshark Craft

Marshark craft 

         ::::PETER MARSHARK::::

 With 15 years feeding crews in NYC, Peter's experience has brought him to places such as, the  Caribbean and The Philippines, making crews, cast and directors happy and well fed.

Classically French trained, he has always strived to bring the finest ingredients and recipes to crafty. 

25 years of experience in corporate catering, serving New York's top financial, law and advertising companies. As an owner of  Prodigy Coffee, a well-known espresso bar in the West Village; David's experience at roasting,  brings a great cup of coffee to your crew!









OUR CHEFS have all been feeding film crews for over 10 years. we are aware of everyones tastes and needs when it comes to food; organic, healthy, vegan and gluten free clean and simple.